Here’s The Scoop On The “Food of the Month Club”

Published on Sep 18th, 2016 by admin | 0

You are cordially invited to join the Food of the Month Club – there are NO forms to fill out and membership is FREE— and best of all, it supports the St. Paul’s Food Pantry located at Brown Memorial United Methodist Church. The pantry serves the ‘Near Westside’ of Syracuse, one of the poorest regions of the city. Additionally, it is ranked one of the poorest in the nation. I repeat: In-The-Nation. It has been skillfully and lovingly run for over 25 years by our own Judy Eyer!  Each month she suggests a “Food of the Month” item. We invite you to buy extra of that particular item when you are at the market. Bring the item(s) in at anytime during the month and leave in the fellowship hall. Then stop for a moment and reflect on your many blessings and your ability to help Judy feed a local family that week! Of course, you can bring ANYTHING at ANYTIME – but we find this enjoyable and easy to remember. Our giving has been steady and very generous. The Food of the Month List  is as follows: January – ramen noodles; February – canned stew and meats; March – toilet tissue; April – tuna; May – canned vegetables; June – cereal; July – toilet paper/canned fruit; August – peanut butter; September – jelly; October – instant potatoes; November – spaghetti sauce; December – boxed spaghetti.


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