Raising Up Young Believers


“Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray.”  Proverbs 22.6


Raising Up Young Believers – Teaching the Faith


The Sacrament of Holy Baptism This ancient ritual marks a person’s re-birth into Jesus. Parents and guardians bring their children to the baptismal font and promise to teach them the faith.  Older children and even adults take this first step in new life in Jesus themselves.  Small groups of folks interested in baptism gather to learn about this rite and to get to know others who are taking this step.


 Sunday Children’s Sermon – Each worship service includes a [very popular] time for our youngest attendees (sometimes accompanied by mom or dad)!  This special time begins with ‘Happy Sunday’ then the scripture is related in kid’s terms.


Sunday School – On Sunday mornings children from pre-school to grade 5 gather to learn about God’s story through song, science, drama, crafts and storytelling.  Special projects like the annual Thanksgiving dinner for shut-ins help the children learn about sharing and serving.  The children share their singing with the congregation several times a year.


DSC_0790Affirmation of Baptism – “Confirmation”  Students in grades 6-8 prepare for ‘confirmation’ – a ritual that calls on these young people to affirm the promises made by their parents (guardians) at their baptism.  Each student compiles a scrapbook entitled “My Faith Story” with pictures and mementos of their faith journey.  Using video, music, art, interviews with congregation members and Bible work, the students take the next step in their faith life.


Raising up Young Believers – Living the Faith

S.P.A.M.* – A fellowship group for students in grades 3-4-5 and their friends. One Friday evening from November to April, this group ‘camps’ out in the social hall, watches a movie together, talks about its message and plans other activities.  *Soda, Movie And Popcorn