2010 On The Road With Jesus

What is the “On The Road With Jesus” event? 

The On The Road With Jesus event is when the folks of Luther Memorial step out into our world and work alongside the Holy Spirit to do the work of Jesus for the sake of our neighbors. 

Links to Resource Materials - Pastor Gail Wolling’s Monthly Letters to the Congregation:

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The Big Event!  On The Road With Jesus – June 13, 2010

Join a Team….Create your own Team….Sign up for a Team in the social hall… All ages, abilities, interests needed. On the 13th, we will gather for worship and then each team will set out on its own mission. Dress is casual. On the following Sunday, our worship will be a celebration of the places and people we met while On The Road. We will watch pictures of our groups at work and hear their stories of their day. Worship will be in the Social Hall so we can fellowship, watch the pictures, share the microphone. We will start with coffee and breakfast things and finish with communion.

Summary Recap of Twelve Activities from the On The Road With Jesus Event

1.  Samaritan Center:  140 sandwiches made, delivered, distributed by 9 people. Comments from one of the volunteers: “He ‘God-blessed’ me three times – - –  for a sandwich!”

2.  VA Hospital: soldiers visited by 3 of our veterans

3.  Brown Memorial Clothing Closet: clothing folded and organized by 3 people

4.  Park patrol: picked up, weeding, raking at a village park by 5 adults and 3 children

5.  Making necklaces for gifts for our Zimbabwe companion church: 12 dozen made by 10 people – “Many hands made fast work for making the necklaces. We finished just about 200 of them in a couple of hours. Thanks to all who helped, we had young and seasoned alike.”

6.  Praying for the On The Road With Jesus ventures and the prayer list: 3 volunteers

7.  Singing at a Syracuse hospital: 9 people. Summary comment: This group met some former members who were touched by their music.

8.  Hymn sing at retirement facility: 9 participants (‘audience’ included 2 of our own). Summary comments: “Great fun. Lots of energy.” “Not just patients, but family and nurses were listening.”

9.  Worship at nursing home: 1 person

10. Yard work at a women’s help center: 6 volunteers

11. Respite supplies for traveling military @ Hancock Airport Military Courtesy Room: 2 people, lots of goodies!

12. Tech crew: Took pictures - 3 people

Some images from On The Road With Jesus 2010 follow: