Ten Tons of Love


“But a Samaritan while traveling came near him; and when he saw him, he was moved with pity.  He went to him and bandaged his wounds, having poured oil and wine on them.  Then he put him on his own animal, brought him to an inn and took care of him.”  Luke 10.33-34

Phil Packing a Gazillion Boxes

Tina Sorting @ 10 Tons of Love

Ten Tons of Love describes the enormity of the ‘re-gifting’ work of Syracuse University and First English Lutheran Church, Syracuse. As students move out of their dorms, donated items – couches, food, clothing, bedding, furniture, shoes, electronics, school supplies – are gathered for sorting and  re-distribution. At First English, volunteers of all ages sort, fold, and re-box the items for use by 10 other non-profit  agencies throughout Syracuse.

Luther Memorial participates in this annual extravaganza through volunteer labor and providing lunch for the workers.

All are welcome to participate. First English Lutheran Church, 501 James Street, Syracuse (471-1678) at the corner of James and Townsend.