Transition FAQs

Pastor Gail Wolling, who has led, nurtured, challenged, and sustained us for over 9 years retired Sunday, February 11, 2018.
Body of Christ given for you.Frequently Asked Questions Regarding changes when pastor leaves……….Lots of things may change, but the core message of a risen and crucified Jesus will forever be at the center of who we are and what we do as a community of faith.
1. COMMUNION FOR CHILDREN: Each pastor is given the responsibility to oversee faithfulness in practice and adherence to doctrine in their ordination. Each pastor interprets these two things in their own way. The key areas where this is noticeable is in worship style and order, in communion and baptism practices and in the process of preparing for the affirmation of baptism. There are reasons why things are done as they are and each pastor can explain their particular approach to the sacraments. Just ask!
2. WHAT IF I DON’T LIKE THE NEW WAY? What if it stops looking like the church I have known all my life? Well, that happens to all of us one time or another. The question for both pastor and laity is this: “What is God calling us to do?” To have insight into that question, prayer is necessary. Start with this reminder: This is Christ’s church, and its job is to tell Jesus’s story to everyone. pastor and children 3How can Luther Memorial be faithful to our call to tell the Jesus story here in North Syracuse? How do we reach new people and welcome them to God’s family? These are, in fact, very important questions for everyone to ask. Talk with one another face-to-face and look to God’s future!
3. WHO WILL BE THE PASTOR AFTER SHE LEAVES? Pastor Allan Ferguson. He will handle emergencies, work with the leadership, Council, and plan worship. He will provide a very limited amount of time to Luther Memorial.
4. WHO WILL LEAD WORSHIP? That will vary according to who is available. Pastor Norma Malfatti will be leading worship on Ash Wednesday (February 14), during Holy 399Week, and Easter (April 1).
5. CAN PEOPLE STILL BE BAPTIZED AND/OR MARRIED AFTER PASTOR WOLLING LEAVES? Yes, however, baptisms can only occur when an ordained pastor is present; likewise marriages. The Worship Committee will coordinate dates.
6. WHEN WILL OUR NEXT PASTOR ARRIVE? The search for a new pastor begins after February, 2018. The first step is defining Luther Memorial’s vision. Everyone is needed to support that process and participate in it.
Zambia - Lusaka Matero - Pr_ Elifas, pre-school director, Pr_ wolling and Sr_ Pr_ Chana1417. WHO WILL PROVIDE GUIDANCE AND HELP ON BEHALF OF THE SYNOD? Pastor David Roppel