Caring For Creation

Given the power of sin and evil in the world, as well as the complexity of environmental problems, we know we can't find a "quick fix"... A sustainable environment requires a sustained effort from everyone. excerpt ELCA Social Statement

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And Jesus said, "A new command I give you: Love one another....By this everyone will know that you are my disciples....."
John 13: 34-35

"God's Work. Our Hands."  is an opportunity to celebrate in service to our neighbors, the efforts of which culminate on a Sunday in the fall. Our mission leadership suggests a variety of projects, allowing folks to tackle that which their hearts inspire. Writing notes, baking, collecting clothing, knitting, filling ditty bags for seafarers, amassing items for emergency kits, packing donations to give to a refugee organization, gathering school supplies are some of the zillion projects we have done over the years, initiated originally as our On The Road With Jesus mission work experience.

The CanTeen provides teens between 8th & 12 grade a safe place to hang out after school. Connecting over food a couple times a year - whether hosting the end-of-the-year hot dog cookout or the annual Halloween cupcake decorating extravaganza - provides unique fun and memories.

Men's Breakfasts are usually held on the first or second Saturday of each month at 9am. Because this is men cooking for men, the all-you-can-eat menu is hearty with pancakes and all the trimmings. And yes, we're talking real maple syrup - thank you very much - from SweeTrees Maple Products, Berkshire NY.

BookBinders meets Sundays (10:30-11:30). The books and/or videos are suggested by those participating at the time. People participate as subject matter sparks an interest; subject matter rotates generally every 4-6 weeks. A list of current & previous reads are found under Spiritual Growth/BookBinders. 

Benefit Bake Sales Periodically the members hold bake sales to benefit a particular cause. For example, at the 2023 Synod Assembly, Luther Memorial presented a check for $1700 toward ELCA World Hunger, monies raised at an epic Sunday morning sale.

Family Advent Workshop We herald in each Advent season as families gathering on a Sunday morning for the never-to-be replicated (or forgotten) creation of a colorful paper & glue holiday keepsake. Refreshments are served.

Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner This church tradition is held the Sunday before the national day of Thanksgiving; it is hosted by the youth group and several brave adults. Delicious homemade pumpkin and apple pies come in from our bakers to round out the traditional meal, usually served around 1pm. Take outs & deliveries are superbly well coordinated and joyfully received.

Lay Ministers Those individuals called to serve in leadership roles during our worship experiences receive in-house training from experienced staff and lay ministers. Lay Ministers rotate throughout the church year as lay readers and communion assistants in worship services.

Food Of The Month is an ongoing program in service to area church food pantries. We designate a particular food item (and toiletry item) for collection each month. Donations are collected at church and volunteers deliver the items. We have been known to collect 500+ items in a month. Any food or toiletry item at any time is delightfully accepted.