Blessed To Bless

As people of biblical faith, who live together in trust & hope, our primary motivation is the call to be God's caregivers of creation and to do justice. Our outreach efforts exhibit and validate that acceptance of responsibility.

Some Stats


ELCA World Hunger

Represents donation dollars 2020-23. Working community by community in the US and over 60 countries ELCA World Hunger offers solutions to get at the root causes of hunger.


Red Cross Blood Drives

We've always enjoyed opening our doors to the American Red Cross in support of this life-giving work. Here are more stats of interest: 104 units of blood collected...816 donors....22 average units/drive. And, as a matter of fact, we are told that donors really love to come to Luther Memorial drives because of our homemade cookies!


ELCA Good Gifts

Dollar donations to ELCA Good Gifts 2020-23. The program provides over 50 gift-giving options that grow the church, fight hunger and transforms lives.


Food Initiatives @ St. Paul's, Liverpool; St. Mark's, Fulton

Dollars in financial support of the food ministries of two of the area 'Northern 6' congregations. 


Lutheran Disaster Response

Dollars donated 2020-23 to Lutheran Disaster Response, bringing God's hope, healing & renewal to people whose lives are disrupted by disaster. When a gift is designated for a specific disaster, (say "US Tornadoes") 100% of it goes to helping survivors and the communities.


Food Warehouses

It's just a guess...but it seems likely that we've collected enough food & toiletries over the years to fill 3 - or who knows? - even 7 or more warehouses!  One thing is for certain, there has always been robust food shopping & hauling to pantries for 35+ years. We currently support 4 pantries at these local churches: Atonement (Syracuse), Immanuel (Clay), Faith (Cicero) & Brown Memorial (Syracuse). 


SU/ESF Lutheran Campus Ministry

This represents financial support in 2022. However, in addition to our congregation's donation, church members build baskets for silent auctions and actively attend semi-annual fundraising events in support of the 100+ year ministry for SU/ESF students.


Community of Good Neighbors & Ministry of Hope, Buffalo

Donation dollars generated through bake sales and potluck dinners to buoy 2 unique ministries working in Syracuse and Buffalo.