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Missionary Engstrom

Missionary Rev Kristin Engstrom 002

                                 Rev. Kristin Engstrom

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The Rev. Kristin Engstrom arrived in Zambia on 2/23/2022 and serves as facilitator for leadership development in southern Africa. Kristin is called to walk with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zambia, and in particular with pastors and lay leaders, as together they work to strengthen the church and grow in congregational and community leadership. ELCA's Upstate NY Synod (of which Luther Memorial is a part) is the Companion Synod for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zambia (ELCZa). These relationships connect Lutheran churches like Luther Memorial throughout the world with ELCA synods and congregations; they are concrete expressions of the communion and fellowship. Each of the 65 synods has at least one international church companion and many have additional relationships. Of note, the Upstate NY Synod also serves as the companion synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe (ELCZ).