Pr. Kristin Asks for Our Prayers

Feb 20, 2024

Rev. Engstrom asks for prayers for the people of Zambia, especially those in Lusaka, as they are in the midst of a cholera outbreak.

ResizedImage399266 Missionary Rev Kristin Engstrom 002

Kristin writes in her February '24 Newsletter that they are experiencing a cholera outbreak in the country, but especially in the capital, Lusaka. she explains: "This can happen easily during rainy season, when the sewers overflow and drains are clogged, but it is especially bad this year. The practices put in place during COVID are helping us as well, as we wash our hands whenever we move into a new space or greet people. Churches are also doing deep cleaning before worship and limiting worship time." Visit Kristin's blogspot to keep up with her news and receive her newsletter: