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BookBinders Delve Into The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr

Posted: Sunday, February 21, 2021

Here we go, delving into but another stimulating, provocative and spiritual journey together - schedule follows. As I looked over the book's chapters, if we stick to about 50 pages/weekly session, we will finish up the week before Palm Sunday. 
2/21:Chapters 1-3
2/28: Chapters 4-7
3/7: Chapters 8-12
3/14: Chapters 13-15
3/21: Chapters 16, 17,  Afterword and Appendices
We can discuss this potential plan when we meet this Sunday, so think about how you feel about it. Also, don't forget Liz's recommendation to listen to the podcast via youtube (at least the first portion) of the author discussing his book as it will give you a 'taste' of the author and his style. 

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