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ELCA Bishop Elizabeth Eaton Speaks at Kenosha, WI Vigil - "We can't rest. We can't stop."

Posted: Saturday, September 26, 2020

You are invited to take 5 minutes to link and listen to the voices at recent Kenosha, Wisconsin vigil, at which Bishop Elizabeth Eaton spoke.

Eaton called the crowd to use those tools to get to work and to wrestle with uncomfortable truths in the same way the patriarch Jacob wrestled with God in the biblical account.

“Jacob was transformed in that night of wrestling, and now we are called to that same night of wrestling  — not a night of darkness and hopelessness, but a night of power with a God of power working in the dark, working in the beautiful blackness to transform Jacob and now will transform us,” she said.

“We can’t rest. We can’t stop.”

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