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Your Personal Reflection On Stewardship Requested

Posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A letter recently sent, replicated here-note deadlines. This is a stewardship participation opportunity - LINKS to suggested Bible verses have been added on line for your convenience-or, use one of your meaningful favorites--Dear Luther Memorial Church Family---I recently came across an old (1978) Luther Memorial publication produced during Lent that year. Many of the members, Disciples of Christ, who submitted reflections on various scripture passages, are now in His holy heaven, yet their words live on. Some who expressed remain among us; at least one of the youth who wrote is now an attorney.The introduction of the booklet is as relevant today as it was then: “This book is an attempt to find a way by which we can share with one another. We talk to each other about football, politics, weather, and work. But we find it more difficult to relate to each other on the level of personal faith. Yet, our faith is more important than anything else. And when we share our faith, we develop in our understanding of and appreciation for it. Moreover, we may help others come to a wider or deeper faith."  Not one of the writers who have contributed to this book would pose as a model Christian. Several even resisted the idea of seeming to be so. Their reluctance buckled in the face of Christ’s command to be his witnesses. A witness in one who comes to the court to say, ‘This is what I say” or This is what I know” or “This is what I believe.” He may not know the whole story but he knows part of it. Christ’s witnesses, too, are sharing their personal experience with Him.”(1)

In light of the global pandemic we presently find ourselves amidst, may we, once again ‘attempt to share with one another’ as we ponder our personal discipleship during this time when we explore more deeply our stewardship commitment. The scriptures chosen for these reflections we have often heard before, yet were suggested in an attempt to set a tone of contemplation of stewardship. Your written thoughts, offered as a gift to each one of our church family, serves as a tangible, shared expression of your faith in our Lord and Savior. And, in the words of Charles Lane, if ‘the goal of our stewardship ministry is to help God’s people grow in their relationship with Jesus through the use of the time, talents, and finances God has entrusted to them.”(2), then may this work be an instrument of that growth.  In faith,  Donna Parks  1. At the Foot of the Cross: Lenten Mediations by members of Luther Memorial Church (1978). 2.Lane, Charles. Ask, Thank, Tell. Augsburg Fortress (2006).  Various scripture suggestions to ponder as you write your reflection: (pick one, any one -or more!). These are only a few; feel free to use your personal favorites via

Please submit your written reflection or questions to Donna Parks via e-mail: donnaparks114 @ gmail .com Subject: Stewardship Reflection and I will be happy to type, edit and arrange for submission. Each submission may be up to 350 words (many in the publication I spoke of are far less). Of course you can submit more than one! If using a word processor, best to keep with New Times Roman/ 12 point font, so that we are all uniform (the 1978 book was typed, of course!). Each submission is to include the scripture notation it is based on, for instance, Luke 12: 16-21,  at the top, and signed (type your name) at the bottom. Submissions are accepted up to September 17th, but no need to wait until the last minute! Send your thoughts along as soon as you can as each will be compiled, edited for any ‘typos’ and published for October circulation.



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