2 Year Olds - Luther Memorial Lutheran Church

2 Year Olds

img 0707BFWHow will my child benefit from the program for two-year olds?

Children turning two years of age by December 1st are welcome in the two-year old program. It’s all about new experiences for these little ones who are learning to be a separate self. You'll recognize many of the activities we use – dramatic play centers such as a kitchen, store and office; singing; and storytime. There is indoor and outdoor group play. Each day brings opportunities to experience sensory activities (new textures) using simple items like rice or sand, and to experiment with art.

Each of these time-tested activities stimulates the young learner’s brain and builds the large and small muscles needed to promote general well-being. Children use the skills they have to grow to new levels of ability. All children develop in a predetermined sequence - they must accomplish Step 1 before moving to Step 2. A year in the program helps children grow socially, emotionally, artistically, academically and physically - - - but they just think they are having fun!