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3 Year Olds

3 year olds and water play 1 BFW1How will my child benefit from this program?

Our classroom for three-year olds is filled with lots of opportunities to explore and learn - - -  because play is how young children learn. They play with something ‘wet’ (like our water table) and something ‘dry’ (like our sand table) and experience the differences. Art opportunities abound with paper, paint, crayons and glue - available for them to figure out what they can do and find success in their work. The classic toys of children – like play dough, blocks and puzzles – help the children develop their small muscles while their minds are busy figuring out what to do next.

Learning centers help children imagine and engage in ‘dramatic play’. You remember these as play kitchens, school, or a shoe store. Here the children work on their social and verbal skills as they learn to play with others. Since 3′s love to bake, we include opportunities to bake banana bread, monkey bread and other delicious treats. Community visitors stop by to share their part of the world; we’ve had the seatbelt safety lady; a firefighter; a police officer; and a veterinarian stop by.

Since literacy is an important part of your child’s development, the classroom has alphabet letters, labeled items, the children’s names (you get the idea) all around them. Stories are read, puppets act out stories and books are available for exploration.

What about all their energy? Three-year olds certainly have a lot of energy and building strong muscles helps them develop well – not just their physical strength but their ability to learn in all other areas. We expect 3′s to be runners and jumpers and offer indoor and outdoor opportunities for free play and well-thought-out activities to help them grow.

While it may look like all we do is play, each activity is chosen to provide a learning experience for your child. We have all watched a three-year old take apart and put together a puzzle over and over. Each time the child is working on something different - the feel of the pieces, the colors, the shapes of the spaces, the picture that is formed in the end. We see their hands moving; we can’t see how active their minds are as they do this important work.

Our goal is to encourage a love of learning that will stay with your child all his or her life. We want to help you guide your child into becoming a person with compassion, understanding and a good sense of self. We will be there to help your child learn how to handle conflict, to encourage successes, and to build self-confidence.