Conscious Discipline Covid-19 Support Materials - Luther Memorial Lutheran Church

Conscious Discipline Covid-19 Support Materials

Cajsa Sheen, Luther Memorial Nursery School Director, encourages your use and sharing of the resources provided here through Conscious Discipline ( If you are already familiar with the Conscious Discipline Brain State Model, you know that upset or distress downshifts us from a higher-order creative and problem-solving Executive State to a lower-order Emotional or Survival State. During times of change, hardship and uncertainty, it can be challenging to stay in a regulated Executive State. Deep breathing and gratitude are powerful tools for shifting us back to an Executive State. Here at Conscious Discipline, we are grateful for you. And as always, we wish you well.

Printable Stories: Why Can't I Go To School? &  Masks & Gloves - Social Story

Mrs. Sheen Reads Stories (Video):  Shubert & Spohie Stay HomeMasks & Gloves Video