Food of the Month - Luther Memorial Lutheran Church

Food of the Month

"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you..." Matthew 7:12

"Food of the Month" items help fill bags and bellies. We invite you to buy extra of that particular item when you are at the market. Bring the item(s) in at anytime during the month (there is a special table for these items). Then stop for a moment and reflect on your many blessings and your ability to help feed a local family that week! 

Of course, you can bring ANYTHING at ANYTIME and cash donations are always welcome to help buy items that are not available otherwise to families. Here is a monthly list of the items it would be nice to receive: January-Ramen Noodles; February-Canned Stew/Meats; March-Toilet Tissue; April-Tuna; May-Canned Vegetables; June-Cereal; July-Toilet Tissue; August-Peanut Butter; September-Jelly; October-Instant Potatoes; November-Spaghetti Sauce; and December-Boxed Spaghetti.

Thanks to friends, guests, nursery school parents, and members who have supported this ministry for over 20 years.