Our Beliefs - Luther Memorial Lutheran Church
Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

Mission Statement 

"Luther Memorial is a Christ-centered community, called to be a part of God's mission to love and bless the whole world."

Vision Statement 

We believe that Jesus was both a historic person and God’s divine love in the flesh. He came into this world to lead all of humankind to a wholeness of life he called salvation.  Through the cross, Jesus opens up God’s kingdom to us. We follow Jesus with lives of mercy, grace, service and love. Luther Memorial is a community of faith, passionate about God’s work. We seek purpose and meaning for our lives, and solid ground for our families. We want to belong to a community that knows our name and welcomes us. Luther Memorial is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  (Learn more about the Lutheran Church at www.elca.org.)

Our Core Values

1. We walk together in the name of Jesus Christ.
2. We are dedicated children of God who worship and praise God with Thanksgiving.
3. We are a community of acceptance and forgiveness where relationships are valued and nurtured.
4. Together we are committed to learn and change in an ever-changing world.